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The Faison Firehouse Theatre was created as an incubator for creative projects. It is dedicated to engaging young people in the preservation and dissemination of Harlem’s historical past while teaching them how to develop the technical skills needed to entertain a 21st Century audience.  It is a place where community youth are nurtured to promote their artistic development and expression.


                    George Faison                                                                   Tad Schnugg

Dr. Faison, along with co-founder Tad Schnugg, established The Faison Firehouse Theatre in 2000. The theater, located in the heart of Harlem, New York is in a decommissioned firehouse. It is one of the only privately owned theaters in Harlem. The media branded the theater, “HOLLYWOOD IN HARLEM.” It is a digitally advanced performing arts and cultural center which includes a 130 seat venue. The Center has a fine arts gallery, a private library and museum, a rehearsal facility and a cabaret theater.